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    Evergreen ‘Ever Grateful

    It’s funny how life’s situations keeps us evergreen and ever grateful

    Mountains military salute all day long while the birds sing their songs and the flowers dance in the wind…….evergreen ever grateful

    If I never received those words like blows on my back and in my face I genuinely could not measure the breadth of God’s grace……….evergreen ever grateful

    If I never went into minus $$ dollars with dependent needs to meet HOW could I have ever measured the sweet awesome taste of dew in the morning provision from heaven through means I could never imagine?

    Like all paid medical expenses and an unexpected blessing that became a vacation………I’m evergreen ever grateful

    Stars echo the light of opportunities that are endless that make sense if our sensibilities are in the right place in the season of harvest….reap what you so….what you plant is what grows…what you plan propels your destiny…..

    Evergreen ever grateful for the life I lead, the parents I have the son I have been given, the persons that rhythm me to play beautiful music so that my purpose resonates

    Rooted. Blossoms. Bearing full fruit.

    Evergreen Ever grateful