Day 23 Teaching of Reading – Recap

Read aloud poem: A Boy and His Dad by Edgar Guest.

Read aloud story: Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson

We were reminded that the struggling reader reads word by word and not sentence by sentence.  We ourselves are to monitor our metacognition (own knowledge).

Comprehension Strategies

Cause and Effect

Fact and Opinion



Visual Posters

Compare and Contrast

Make Generalizations

Problem and Solution


Do not call on a child who has difficulty reading in Round Robin. Readers Theatre is a better strategy to employ as the lines are fewer and the student has the opportunity to familiarize himself or herself before their turn to read aloud.

We also looked at the cycle of failure where the child lacks empowerment, expects failure, is labelled and then drops out as they self label.  Our role is to refocus them on the positive.

We were asked to write a letter reviewing what we had done at class.

Dear John,

I’m happy you asked me to think of strategies to assist our adult learners.  The strategies for struggling readers can be applied to the adult learning class to empower them, build their self esteem and prevent them from shutting down and dropping out.

Let’s try to do some Readers Theatre with them as that requires them to share the reading of few sentences at a time.  You know they love a little drama.  From the same material let’s do a cloze passage and leave out words for them to fill in.  That would stimulate their recall and writing skill.

To end off we can split them into three groups with three (3) sentence cards and have them put them in sequential order.  And of course we shall clap and celebrate all of them for their efforts and progress.

Your Friend & Colleague



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