Day 21 Teaching of Reading – Assessments

Observation is an assessment tool and oral reading is the measurement analysis.

We discussed the Tracey Jamieson Rule of Thumb, that we don’t have to teach everything in emergent literacy stages as children do not come to us empty.

We also looked at the benefits of a Balanced Reading Program and what it should be comprised of.  It covers exposure to different genres of literature to expose the learner to different literary styles.  It enriches the learner’s vocabulary and contextual experience.  Exposure to different reading strategies, such as peer reading, guided reading and shared reading allow the learner to participate and share their knowledge with others, that can also help others.

My Balanced Reading Alphabet

Aloud Balanced Creativity Demonstrate Emergent
Fun Guided Heart Independent Joy
Kinesthetic Literature Metacognition Narrator Olfactory
Prioritize QAR Read Share Teach
Understanding Vocabulary Write Xray Yes



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