Day 20 Teaching of Reading – Reading & Literature

Read aloud story: Tyler’s Trip to the Library

We explored Fairy Tales vs Folk Tales,  Fairy Tales play on the imagination whereas Folk Tales have less of an imaginary element. Teaching the students literary terms helped to introduce them to the world of literature.  They should be able to tell mood, points of view, the plot, the narrator’s voice and character’s voices, to name a few.

We were encouraged to read a text approximately four (4) times. Each time the story is read the student should be prompted on each turn as follows:

  1. Allow the student to listen for pleasure
  2. Encourage the student to pay attention and have knowledge of the outcome of the story
  3. Listen for a change in plot or story structure
  4. Listen with confidence and complete comprehension of the story

A strategy to employ would be to have the children tell the story in their own words.

Points shared for writing children’s stories:

  • Limit the use of flashback
  • Reveal action quickly
  • Point out the message


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