Day 13 Teaching of Reading – Bloom’s Taxonomy and Strategies

Read aloud poem: Solomon Grundy

The Read aloud story had a focus on preservation of our air.

As we delved deeper into using Bloom’s Taxonomy, the recognition of types of questioning became more readily identifiable as we formulated each type of question after reading different passages.  We also looked at pictures and formulated questions for each level.

Wee were introduced to   m  e  t  a  c  o  g  n  i  t  i  o  n  which harnesses the idea that we must be able to self examine and become inner aware of ourselves as thinking and learning beings.  We were asked to brainstorm and write the words which readily came to mind in an exercise called word splash. I present my words below:


We created a visual tool that can be utilized to get the learner thinking about what is fact and what is opinion.  we also revisited SQ3R. This reading comprehension methodology is designed to promote retention and recall.

  • Survey
  • Question by employing the five whys: who? what? when? where? why?
  • Read for a sense of the material and read for relevance by making notes
  • Recall/ Recite and summarize the material into key points
  • Review the material and ask deeper questions



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