Day 11 Teaching of Reading – Reading Strategies DRTA, QAR, SQ3R, SQ5R

Read aloud poem: Solomon Grundy

The Read aloud story had a focus on preservation of our air.

DRTA Reading Strategy (Russell Stauffer) – Directing the Reading Thinking Activity

Teacher decides on three parts of the book where the student would be encouraged to think and formulates two fact related questions for each marked stop and a question that evokes the student’s thinking. In a nutshell the student is required to preview, predict, read then affirm/ disaffirm their predictions.

Teacher invites the students to examine the cover and think about what the book is about and then share their ideas.  No idea is rejected or judged.  The teacher begins to read the passage up until the first planned stop.  At this point the student is asked whether the predictions they made before the passage was read, aligned with their current thoughts after the passage was read.  To guide their responses, the students are asked the three prepared questions to stimulate discussion.  This process is repeated at each of the three reading junctures.  The activity helps the student become active in the reading process, as it promotes independent reading, improves the student’s comprehension and develops their ability to gauge their perceptive skills. The selection of exciting reading material for this exercise motivates the student.

We also looked at the SQR3 Reading Strategy and the QAR Strategy where students are required to think deeply and locate the answers in the passage or text and others from their own experience.



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