SFR Writings






I went to sleep a time

Then I awoke to find I died

A living death I then begin


Avoided for my scars


It burns my flesh

Into the mind

Into the heart

Into the soul

Each day I die

It makes me yearn for love


They stare, they stare

And stare,  and stare

And downward cast their eyes


Wasted thoughts

They no longer care


I still remain a life

A broken flower of the world

A flower at which to stare

Not pruned and groomed

And looked upon

Those flowers wilt and die

This flower will and must survive


And then afar

A distant drum

A ray of light

A hope, a strike

In a forbidden land

That sets the pace

And still defies the world


The miracle begins

Life births anew

My new life now begins

I no longer live to die

I have survived

I live


Castro, Che, history

Now Cao joins the ranks

In a land of miracles

In Cuba

I salute new life



May 25, 1988

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